Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My journey - Part 4 - The first job!

After the depressing interviews, I finally had something to do. It wasn’t an actual job, but well…. I was the ‘wedding planner’ for my sister.  Most responsibilities were on my head considering the fact that I was “free”, if you know what I mean.

I also decided that since this was going to be a huge event for us, I should give it my best shot. And you know what, although all the running around was tiresome, I was more than happy to give my sister, Priya, a marriage, free of any stress (for her) and screw ups! I was always the organized kind, and sorta like being like that; so I managed everything from the food menu, the saree/dress pickups to anything as small as safety pins. I can say I did well, coz my parents had a hard time running around for my marriage…hehe... (I did as much as I could though!)

So after my successful stint as a wedding planner, I still didn’t have a real job.  (I’ve no idea why I didn’t think of being a professional wedding planner or get into event management…anyways…) I thought I would take up a short-term course on .NET and I did. It was a 3 months course and it did pay off! Soon after its completion, I got a call from a friend, Praveen who informed me about an opening at Cyberhills, a Korean gaming company based in Govandi, Mumbai. They were looking out for Web developers. I went for the interview. The office premise as such was one of the 3BHK flats in a grand towered building. However, I was never the one to judge it by its premises. After the brief interview, I was hired! Yay!!!

I started work and on the first day, I was given some web layouts with the liberty to change anything, the colors or designs as per my need as they knew I was good at judging art. (I had even showed them few things I drew at the time of the interview…umm…yes, I can do a decent job at that :D) Soon it was time for tea break. We were just a bunch of 8 people if I recall correctly.  On alternate basis, one person prepared the tea in the kitchen for the rest of us. I used to get away with the excuse on not knowing how to prepare tea and then one fine day my friend Lux aka Lakshmi taught me! :P Our tea breaks lasted for about half an hour and then we resumed work.

For lunch, it was necessary that we all gathered at the hall, which also acted as our conference room and reception. It was a great place to interact and sometimes trigger debates on professionally unrelated stuff, usually God! If there are no topics for debate, then we used to hang out at the garden downstairs.

After a grand 1 hour lunch, we went back to our desks and double clicked on the NFS icon and Vrooom!! A LAN game! Yeah baby!  Our game sessions lasted for about half an hour or 1 depending on the actual work we had at hand.

At around 4.30pm, we had our second tea break. Sometimes we craved for good ol’ maggi noodles instead of just biscuits. It sure was a great life. We were all given great workstations, headphones, speakers and webcam as well J

Besides the entertaining office lifestyle, my work also took an interesting turn. With a week of my joining, there was an urgent requirement for a J2ME programmer.  Instead of hunting for a new programmer, which was going to cost them time, they asked me and I said yes.  For a month or so, I was working on the game called “Patbingsu”. Patbingsu is actually a popular dessert in Korea and the game was for the Korean market. The game itself was on somewhat similar lines to ‘Lemonade Tycoon’ and also featured few minigames. It was a sweet colorful project.  When the project was at its final stages, another requirement opened up!

My boss wanted to create a mobile RPG similar to Neverwinter Nights. And they were looking out for a game designer/story writer. He had talked to my friend Praveen who besides being the lead developer was also the manager. Praveen suggested that they should try me out first as he knew I used to write fanfictions and was a RPG fan.

Soon enough, Patbingsu was taken care of by a lead programmer from Korea and I was supposed to come up with a storyline and had to follow the D&D manuals. I almost cried when I found the manuals in my hand.  Tears of joy! J

I gave birth to my very first official game story and it was sent to the Korean office for approval. And the green signal was given! Ta-da, I became a game designer! ;) The next two months I was literally living with the D&D manuals and the word document. I was thoroughly enjoying myself! However, it didn’t last for long… 

to be contd…


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