Wednesday, April 18, 2012

"Figuring" it out!

Projected Value, Projected Profit, Estimated Growth, Rate of Growth of Industry etc etc
Graphs, Pie Charts, Box charts, Venn Diagrams...
Years, Companies, Gaming, Mobile, Smartphones, Consoles, PC...

These are what I find while reading some reports that covers the gaming industry or in general too. However, for the love of God, I can't figure out how they figure out the figures! (May be my brains just won't tap into this area for some reason?)

And I don't mean it sarcastically. I really have no clue. There have been many instances when I've been approached by people asking me about figures related to the gaming industry. And I've always fumbled. I can't even remember the figures from existing reports and sometimes I don't even know if I relate to them or if it makes sense to me. Ah well!

So I decided to "figure" it out!
Ya, well.. I thought I was making a Venn Diagram to show how much I understand figures... But my hand slipped while drawing the second circle and this is what I ended up making!