Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A message to the dropouts!


Please read the following as a genuine advice and let your brain process it while (I hope) you (manage) to stay on this page till the message ends.

So you dropped out of your college? Education sucks. You are too brilliant an ass to study anything or even make an effort to get a degree. Yea, there have been dropouts who are now billionaires. You want to see a list? Here you go: Click here.

Does that improve your confidence? Yes? Wow, you are all total morons in that case! Sorry for my language, but I think I've every right to say this. Do you know the zillion number of dropouts who failed? Do you know the humongous number of successful people, who by the way bothered to finish their degree? Why don't you "Google" them?

Have you ever thought what Bill Gates or Steve Jobs would have done if they had failed? Forget that, why don't one of you dropouts take a trip to the Microsoft office and try to get a job there. A huge list of credentials is what they ask. Aww and you thought being a dropout was just enough. So sad!

The successful dropouts we are talking about here; when they dropped out of college, weren't sitting around laying eggs. They were actually working their ass off towards a goal they had set in mind. I hope you do realize that the reason they are billionaires is also because of the other people around them. And here you thought just being a dropout was a quick path to success.

Sorry, any decent company will think twice to hire you without a proper graduate degree. And why is it important? You probably learnt more on your own than what formal education had to offer. So why bother with a degree?

It just shows a determination to show the world that you have what it takes to complete what you undertook! I'm not telling you to be amongst the top 5, or anything like that. Just get a bloody degree. Finish your degree, whatever it is and then continue with your goal or do it side by side.

The very reason that provoked me to write this is the mere fact that few 'dropout' entrepreneurs who made it alright (mostly by goddamn luck & someone else's money) go on to encourage the students to be a dropout.  How nice of them!

Prospective dropouts, please remember : when everything else fails, a degree still stands. The "x" years taken to complete your degree will never be utterly useless.

My simple advice is ignore the ones who preach that 'dropping out of college is cool' and get a degree unless you're filthy rich or a real genius (even for a real genius, luck & money are important factors). And if you are a dropout already, there's still time. Just finish that degree!

If you manged to read this far, I hope I've changed even 1% of your mind.

Thank you.