Sunday, March 22, 2015

Women in Games Meetup!

To start off, it finally happened! A few of us as part of the NGF WIG group (especially Shruti) were thinking about it, but something or the other always put the plan on the back burner. This time too we picked the date and announced it but later realized it fell on a festival day. We also had some trouble with the venues at some areas. But we got past all that hurdles and finally hosted this awesome meet across 7 cities!

We had Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Delhi and Chennai women joining in. We also had some really nice men who helped us organize this meet. Cheers to them!

Special mention to our one woman army in Chennai, Asmita! More power to you, girl! It starts with one :D

Bangalore Special (21st March 2015)

The Bangalore meetup had a RSVP that went closer to 18, but had only 10 women who could make it. Owing to the Ugadi festival, some women couldn't sign up either. If all that is to be considered, then we should on an ideal day hit an easy 25-30. Let's hope we see that day soon!

Radha, Neha, Poornima, Megha, Arundhati, Garima, Pavithra, Anupam, Jennifer, Sujatha
There was a Video games meetup before our WIG meetup and I headed there first. I met Arundhati there and we headed to the WIG meetup together. Arundhati is full of enthusiasm and energy and it can rub off on you! XD

We reached the venue around 2:45 pm and we had Megha, our punctuality queen, waiting there for us! She got there before I (being the organizer) did. (The meetup was at 3 pm, so don't judge me! :P)

Next to get there was Neha, who despite not keeping well came to the meet. It's hard to get that girl to rest! :P Accompanying her was our knight in shining armor; Vijay. Also our photographer for the event!

While I got around setting up the laptop for the Google hangout with the other cities, we had Garima who joined us. Garima, the sole artist in the meetup decided to take the plunge and come all the way although her friends had a change of plan in the last moment! Kudos to her!

Next to join us was Anupam and Jennifer; the pretty BFFs! ^^

Then came along Radha, a children's book author who has published many books to her name! Woohoo!

While we were wondering whether we should wait or begin with the formal introductions, we had our calm and composed Pavithra join us.

Although the RSVPs were more, 10 was the ideal count I had in mind. I was telling the girls that if only one more girl just turns up!  And that's when our 10th warrior, Sujatha, walked in and we all cheered her much to her surprise. :D

We connected now and then on Google Hangout with other cities. But there were connectivity and background noise issues in some cases. Lesson for next time, I guess!

We started with our formal introductions and learnt a lot about each other, how we entered gaming industry and what makes us stick here. Discussed our interests, had our share of jokes, games we like to play et all while sipping on our drinks and eating our munchies of course!

Overall, a super fun evening! And we are definitely doing this more often!

Our handsome photographer

Last but definitely not the least, our thanks to Grubnomic, Bangalore who were kind enough to give us the place without any qualms, a good WiFi connectivity along with some great food and drinks! Thanks Chandni! :D

Do visit them, Bangaloreans!

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