Monday, February 22, 2010

NASSCOM Gaming Summit 2009 & 24fps Award

Should have posted earlier... but then I got all busy with my marriage preparations and then besides facebook, I forgot to update it anywhere else...So here it goes....better late than never :)


November 7th 2009 saw the first ever 'full fledged' Indian gaming summit that took place in Hyderabad.

It was inaugurated by Ernest Adams of the 'Designer's Notebook' fame. An industry veteran of over 20+ years of experience in Game Design, Ernest Adams, spoke about 'The Promise of India: Ancient Culture, Modern Game Design.'

I was honored to be one of the speakers at this summit.
Here's a small article on my session:
Writing a Game Design Document - What the books don't teach you!

My husband (Arjun Nair) along with another colleague - Vishwas Kasat, presented a session on 'Bringing a killer console game to mobile which spoke about bringing the console game 'BioShock' to the mobile (3D and 2D).
There were a lot of informative sessions that took place. All articles can be found here.

For the first time, people like us had the opportunity to interact with others in the Indian gaming industry.Otherwise GDC and other gaming summits abroad are usually attended by the CEOs or senior management staff and hence our chance to mingle and interact with others is very rare. So the NASSCOM gaming summit came as a saviour. I hope more and more local summits like this happens and enables people working in the industry to get to know each other and share knowledge!


Also around the same time, i.e. on 6th November 2009, we won the Best Game Design award at the 24fps Animation Awards organized by MAAC for Movin' Maze 3D - iPhone. We shared the award with Ghajini, the game.

Unfortunately, due to some miscommunication, I wasn't informed that we won the award. So, at the last moment, another studio head, Shaina Rajan went ahead and collected the award on my/our dept's behalf.

How I wish I was there to collect the award! *sigh* 

Anyways cheers! :D
The complete list of winners are here
(Indiagames is misspelled as Indian games)


  1. Hi Purnima,

    Congrats for the award! I am so happy to have bumped into your blog. I am my self an avid gamer and just DYING to jump into the industry. Trouble is being an IT project manager with MBA it becomes so tricky! LOL.

    Nonetheless, I believe that your blog will impart me more and more knowledge that I need about the industry.

    Keep up the good work and BTW same pinch! We happen to share the same Zodiac. LOL!

    Love & Light,

  2. Hi Rohit,

    Thanks for the wishes and for commenting :)
    IT Project Manager with MBA... Tricky indeed, but you know what they say, it's never too late! ;)

    I myself am an IT Engineer and now a Game Designer :D
    I've a colleague who is a B.Sc Chemistry graduate who is a 3D Artist... Interesting isn't it? ;)

    I started this blog just to write about my experiences in the gaming industry... I'm not sure how it will help you. But if it does, I would be more than happy. :)

    Lol, same pinch on the zodiac! :)

  3. Lets see! I need to find out how to get into it somehow, I just cant sit out and watch it. Trying my hands on Doom 3. And waiting like crazy for Max Payne 3.Duh! Its taking way too long..

    Love & Light,

  4. PS:Err.. I am a bit hesitant to ask but nonetheless I better ask rather than keeping mum. What do you think can be the way for me? he he, is there a certification that I can do or something?

    Love & Light,

  5. Well, it actually depends where your interest and skills lie... Programming, Designing, Art, QA, Marketing, Project Manager etc...

    MY husband shifted his career from journalism to gaming after 2-3 years of being a journalist...

    The catch is that irrespective of your past experience (if it is not related that is), u start afresh... and so you take a hit on the pay and then try to work ur way up :)

  6. True words indeed! Lets see ;)

  7. hii purnima!!! i wanted to know which is the best collage for game designing in india<<:

  8. Whoa man, aint I too late to reply for this. I'm so sorry. Many things were keeping me busy!

    There are only few Game Design Schools(Colleges) in India. One I've heard more of is DSK Institute in Pune. You can check that out :)